What Others Say

Nicole joined a rapidly growing team that specialised in rapid delivery of challenging innovation projects. We had relatively little structure/process around our resource management practices, and we were a headstrong bunch – but Nicole quickly tamed us. Her bright, cheerful personality and her uncompromising commitment to resolving issues were priceless; she quickly became the heart and soul of the team. With the basics rapidly under control, I was able to involve Nicole in broader operational projects, looking at processes and systems within the team and working with other parts of the organisation. Nicole is an absolute star – I’d work with her again in a heartbeat – as well as a joy to have around.
– Anna Chapman

Nicole is probably one of the most energetic people I’ve met. Her positive energy and optimism fills people with confidence and makes her a really good team leader. Her energy is well suited to fast paced environments and means she’s really on top of work and hitting deadlines.
– Laura Jones

Super talented and creative…always wanting to learn, try things and share her knowledge with others.
– Cindy Verheul 

Nicole was a pleasure to work with. As the E-commerce production manager, she helped instigate several processes to reduce our ISNOS (In Stock Not On Site) levels in the copy, retouching and photography departments. Our overall communication with the buying and merchandising teams was greatly improved as well. I would not hesitate to work with Nicole again in the future and recommend her with great pleasure.
– Ryan Slade

Nicole is an exceptional Project/Production Manager. A true multitasker with a precise eye for detail. Always up beat, positive and highly organised. I wouldn’t think twice about employing her again in the future.
– Matt Settchell

Nicole’s bubbly, friendly and approachable personality greatly improved the standard of customer service in the workplace. She is always willing to assist customers and would go the extra mile to ensure that the customers’ needs and expectations are met. Nicole is also very professional and as a keen eye for detail. She is able to liaise with suppliers, order new products and carefully check inventory. Any organisation that hires Nicole will gain a smart, creative and trustworthy employee.
– Sallie Rodriguez

Nicole is a very hard working dynamic individual with creative flair and lots of natural energy. She would be a credit to any team as long as you could keep up with her. I would work with her again tomorrow.
– Julia Reynolds

Bloody hard worker, completes the project at hand, even if it means working overtime.
– Holly

One of the friendliest people I met during my freelance days. Nicole was really welcoming and her approachable manner meant she was easy to get along with and was able to put you at ease when under pressure with deadlines. She’s really good at dealing with a number of personality styles and bringing the best out in people.
– Kasia

Nicole is a very lively and immaculately organised creative manager. I always found her to be a conscientious and thoughtful person who was liked by simply everyone.
– Shari Solo

Nicole joined figleaves.com to lead the creative production and digital imaging teams. She very quickly took on additional responsibilities to review and improve processes between buying, merchandising and the photo studio, copy writing and imaging to ensure that products were published on site as soon as they were available to buy. Nicole has exceptional communication skills, is commercially astute and has a very positive and proactive work ethic. Was proud to have her in the team and hope we will work together again in the future.
– Joanna Ansell

Nicole’s eagerness to take on the things that challenge her, her honesty and her commitment to see things through successfully are some of the things that make her an asset to the team.
– Cath

Nicole’s determination for every project was just exceptional. Her hard work motivated others to perform better. Perfection and precision are part of her standards. I always enjoyed working with her.
-Pavel Jacko

The amount of energy and enthusiasm Nicole possesses is absolutely immense, very on the ball and a valuable team member contributor. Towards the end of her tenure at CR, she successfully interviewed at ASOS to secure a role in Creative Services. An important role for ASOS, in which Nicole performed brilliantly. No doubts over recommending her at all.
– Pratik Madhavji

I had the wonderful opportunity to work along side Nicole at Sportingbet for 3 months. Nicole is a very thorough, organised and structured person who is always on the ball and works extremely well under pressure. Managing the workflow for 25 designers can be complicated at the best of times, but to make sure they are smiling as well was what made Nicole a true star. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is seeking these qualities at a top level.
– Miranda Simmiss

Nicole’s a motivator, getting the best out of people even when they didn’t think they could. She’s also a natural problem solver who always has a backup plan and a good listener
– Neha

Nicole was an incredibly energetic and dedicated member of the Creative team at asos.com. Not only a pleasure to work with, Nicole’s enthusiasm is inspiring for all members of the team. A strong leader, but equally open to all Nicole became a valuable asset to which I look forward to working together in the near future.
– James Davie

Nicole and I worked together at Sportingbet, the first thing I thought about Nicole was she was a very hard working and dedicated manager to her team who was always dependable. If some work was required from her or her team you would know it would be done to an extremely high standard and on time, even when deadlines were seemingly impossible to achieve.

Nicole managed both her time and her teams to achieve the highest standard of work in the time given, I was never left thinking more could have been achieved in the time, but instead amazed that deadlines were upheld and the quality in which the work was delivered.

I always felt that I could just brief a piece of work and leave Nicole to deliver on the date specified, There was never a need for micro management or constant updates and questions, it was just done!

It was a pleasure to work with Nicole as she was always professional and ‘bubbly’ both at the same time!
– Dominic Grose

Don’t be fooled by Nicole’s size when you first meet her. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in her professional and very knowledgeable workmanship. When I first met Nicole I was working for her in a very busy agency. I am still astounded to this day how she managed to steer resource the way she did. She was so bright and switched on which enabled her to join up a lot of dots and save time and money for the company. She was also an absolute delight to work for and with. I would love to one day work with Nicole again if we were in the same country! I could not recommend her highly enough as I know wherever she goes she will be a real asset.
– Missy Blackford