Pro Skills


👫 People Management 👫

I like to think of myself as a people person. Although I’m very happy in my own company I’m equally comfortable interacting with people on or offline. I love connecting with people from different walks of life. Whether it be suppliers, freelancers, colleagues or clients. Making them feel welcome and part of the team is always my priority. My management style is encouraging and approachable. I’ve managed teams directly and indirectly.

  • Recruitment of staff.
  • Scheduling and maintaining a top level view of multiple work streams.
  • Managing KPIs and targets.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinating teams of 50+ people.
  • Implementing training and development programs.
  • Create supportive environments that help my team(s) thrive under pressure.


📣 Communication 📣

As the linchpin for projects, I try to keep my communication clear, concise and specific. I have a knack for translating complex concepts/technical jargon. And have experience communicating with people from all different cultural backgrounds on and offline.

  • Promoting products
  • Running workshops/training sessions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Chairing meetings (in person and video/teleconference)
  • Writing instructional/training manuals


📑 Project Management 📑

I have a natural ability to dissect tasks and projects into small doable steps. This is my magnet to jobs with lots of moving parts. Projects like these keep me energised. Because I get to flex my organisational, can do and problem-solving muscles.

  • Managing the full life cycle of projects from planning to final delivery.
  • Streamlining and implementing processes and procedures to deliver projects on time and to budget.
  • Change management.
  • Financial management
  • Managing all levels of stakeholders.
  • Quality control and testing.


🖥️ Tech Savvy 🖥️

I’ve always been curious about technology. In my family, I’m known as tech support. I’m a quick learner and pick up new applications/systems easily. Although I’m constantly tinkering with new apps, below are the ones I use the most.

  • Adobe CC:
    I’ve been using Adobe products since 1999
    Advanced – Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat Pro DC
    Intermediate – After Effects, Lightroom


  • WordPress:
    I started blogging on in 2011 before moving my website to in 2013. For the last 4 years, I’ve managed and maintained my site.


  • Coding Languages:
    Basic knowledge of CSS & HTML


  • G Suite:
    I’ve been actively using G Suite since 2003. Google docs is my application of choice for creating documents like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations


  • MS Office Suite:
    Although rarely I use MS Office these days I have a full working knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint


  • Other:
    I have experience working with Aweber, Trello, Slack and Basecamp

💪 Strengths 👈

According to the Gallup Strengths Finder here are my top 5 strengths
(in no particular order)

  • Empathy
    People with strong Empathy talents are able to build and form relationships that have great emotional depth. Others feel understood by them and seek their company. Their innate ability to understand the emotions of those around them provides comfort and stability


  • Positivity
    There is power in Positivity. People with dominant Positivity talents have an infectious energy and enthusiasm. Simply stated, everyone feels better about life when they are around.


  • Responsibility
    The genius of those with strong Responsibility talents stems from the deep sense of dedication and ownership they feel toward the things they commit to. They are people of their word, and others know they can rely on and trust them


  • Achiever
    Achievers love to complete tasks, and they derive fulfilment from their accomplishments. Putting it simply, people with high Achiever have a strong inner drive — an innate source of intensity, energy, and power that enables them to push hard to get things done. As a result, they often set the pace and define productivity levels for the people around them


  • Relator
    People especially strong in Relator talents form solid, genuine, and mutually rewarding relationships. Their relationships are close,
    caring, and trusting.