Greasing the Wheels

When my Creative Director from Asos called me about a Production Manager Role at Figleaves. I jumped at the opportunity. I loved working with Matt. Even though he’d only be consulting on an ad hoc basis I figured…

Why the hell not?

The role itself was slightly different to what I was doing at Asos. At Asos, I was purely focused on the creative team. But at Figleaves I was managing the Creative and Digital Imaging Teams.  The Digital Imaging Team’s main focus was to retouch and prepare all the product images that went onto the website. Which means:

No image = No product = No sales 😵

So the pressure for the Digital Imaging Team to meet their weekly targets was high!

Within the first few weeks of observing I found a few a bottle necks. These little bumps in the road slowed down the process of getting products published in a timely fashion. And so the puzzle solving began…

And this was the favourite part of this job! Streamlining the production process included collaborating with ALL the team within the company. This included – Buying, Merchandising, Photo Studio, Copy Writing, Warehouse, IT and Marketing.

The most challenging part was convincing the different teams to change their entire process. But in the end, we got everyone on board.

Working at Figleaves taught me how important communication and collaboration is. It’s the grease that keeps the wheels turning. I know that sounds silly…

But it’s so easy to get trapped in your own little bubble. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you can forget about the other teams in your organisation. And for any company to succeed each department should have some understanding of how the other departments work to create a successful operation.