Larger than Life

Primedia Unlimited was a huge step for my career. I started as a Junior Designer and within a month was promoted to Production and Design Manager.

I learnt so much about large format printing and installations. Negotiating contracts, site management and of course managing teams. It was a steep and exciting learning curve, and I have to thank my managers Gavin and Andre for sharing their knowledge with me.

This was also the place where I developed my eye for detail. Proofing prints and making sure every millimetre of the design was in the right position. Was a crucial part of the production process. The tiniest mistake could cost a small fortune to fix. And not to mention the damage control we’d have to do with the client…

My favourite part of this job was seeing these larger than life campaigns out in the world. Driving behind a full wrap bus is pretty awesome. Or seeing you 6m billboard towering over the highway is pretty breath taking. Or watching people react to the clever designs in shopping mall or airports is kinda entertaining 🙂

I also loved the logistics behind pulling the campaign together. Working with the creative agencies to develop their designs. Briefing the printers and choosing the best materials. Managing the installation teams and liaising with the site managers gave me an adrenaline rush!

Here are some of the campaigns I delivered:

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