The Makers’ Hub

The best part about working at The Maker’s Hub was everything was new. It was a different kind of creativity compared to agency life. I loved it because it was a perfect combination of analogue and digital work.

Also, Mikaela’s so inspiring and motivational that it’s was always a pleasure to be around her.

Even though this was a casual job it felt like my second home. I always seemed to be there even when I wasn’t working!

My favourite part about this job was representing The Maker’s Hub at events and markets. From setting up the stand to promoting and running workshops.

I met so many creative, entrepreneurial people here, their passion was contagious that it inspired me to push on with my own creative venture – One.By Me For You

Sadly The Makers’ Hub closed it’s doors in 2016 as Mikaela decided to focus her efforts on The Maker’s Collective which supports others to start their own creative business.