My Supporting Role

The fun thing about freelancing is you never know where it’ll take you 🙂

Meeting with Jason, the Head of Project Delivery at Wunderman, was one of my worst interviews. But he obviously saw some potential in me. Or they were desperate for an extra pair of hands they’d take anyone! Either way, I’m glad he gave me a chance 🙂

I worked as a project manager as a supporting role for a couple of campaigns for Ford & Dell. I pumped out a few banner campaigns and micro sites. The nice thing about working a supporting role was I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. I showed up. And delivered the work. It was a nice change of pace to what I was used to.

I had a great team around me. My Project Director and Snr Project Manager were meticulous and super duper organised. It was awesome.

All our projects documentation link together and everything ran relatively smoothly. Project reconciliations and change orders were done on a weekly basis.  And status meetings were held once a day.

The only thing I found challenging was securing resource. It was the first place I worked where I didn’t have control over hiring. And without anyone to do the work you don’t have a project to deliver. But with clear reporting lines, the client’s expectations were always managed and plan B would be initiated.

Even though it was a fast pace, agency environment there were never any crazy surprises.