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On The Hunt

Having just moved to Melbourne I find myself job hunting again…


With the rain clouds rolling in and the heavens about to open. I make myself a cuppa coffee. Crack open my laptop and decide today’s a good day to sit down to spruce up my CV.


I read through my Linkedin profile and find myself reminiscing about my career highlights… and lowlights…tools I’ve used… things I’ve learnt and friends I’ve made…. I can’t help but think to myself:
I should document this. I really really should document this…
After 10mins of convincing myself that it’s going to take a huge chunk of time out of my schedule…. and it’s not a good idea… I realise I’m looking at a crisp new Google doc titled “What I’m proud of (working title)”.
And I say out loud:

I guess this is happening 🙂
Credit: Photo by Isaac Benhesed on Unsplash