Living in Style

I’ve fallen in Love with Retail

It was a beautiful autumn day, the sun was smiling and there wasn’t a pesky fly in sight! Wanting to do our bit for the environment, we were heading towards the one and only gift shop in our neighbourhood that sold glass KeepCups. 

This gorgeous little shop is Living in Style 😍

While my husband, Mike, configured his KeepCup. I browsed the rest of the shop. And that’s when I saw the sign to say they were hiring 🙂

I enquired about the position. Rushed home to print out my cv. Rushed back to drop it off in store. And that Monday I got a call from the owner, Wendy Loftus. We arranged a chat. And the rest is history.

I worked for Wendy for 2 years and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It’s a quirky little shop. That sells seriously fun gifts that made me LOL 😂😂😂

Working here also made me realise how much I love retail!

It was the perfect mixture of left and right brain tasks. Like:

  • Physical labour – Unpacking boxes, moving displays and replenishing shelves
  • Creativity -Visual merchandising, gift presentation and content creations for Social Media
  • Administration- Dealing with suppliers, processing payments, trouble shooting hardware, checking inventory
  • Customer Service – I loved speaking to our customers and helping them find their perfect gifts


Even though I worked on my own most of the time, there was always something to entertain.

My favourite part was chatting with our customers 🙂 And hearing them laugh as they walk through the store = THE BEST 🙂
My second favourite was helping Wendy with the buying and merchandising.
Followed by organising the roster.
My least favourite part was encountering with shop lifters ☹️ But even that was entertaining and oh boy did I learn a lot from those experiences.

I’m going to miss working here….