Stealing is bady mmmm kay

Shop Lifters be Cra Cra Yo!

Oh Man! It’s been a crazy crazy month for shop lifters! We’ve had an incident a week 😲 I swear they’ve got their own mailing list or something! Let’s just say it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve learnt a lot about staying calm in unpredictable situations and making quick decisions.

At the moment we have 5 “customers of the month” that have made it onto the wall of fame! 😱😱😱

A few of the shops in our Arcade have been hit and I’m grateful that we have a supportive community.  Because there’s nothing worse than being in the shop a lone with a people with sticky fingers!

After sharing stories with my team. We put together a list of 4 tactics that helped prevent the shop lifters from cleaning us out:

  1. Grab a cloth and start cleaning the shelves near them
  2. Every time they touch a product tell them about its features. Be super helpful that it becomes annoying
  3. If there’s more than one shop lifter. Try and position yourself so that you can see both of them
  4. If all else fails. Call for help, like another store holder

The golden rule is to trust your gut. Because you’d rather be safe than sorry!