Cel Animation

Cel Animation

Who remembers cel animation? Well, the other day I found these little guys at the shop. And flipping it back and forth just made me giggle with all sorts of commentary going on in my head 😛

These penguins got me thinking of this traditional form of animation used in the making of cartoons or animated movies back in the day. Think old school Disney, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or good old Mickey Mouse. For all these animated films and cartoons each frame of the scene was drawn by hand. Which means and a full-length feature film created using this method of animation would often require millions and millions of drawings to complete.

The first time I was introduced to this type of animation was on a family holiday to Disneyland when I was 12, I remember watching in awe as one of the Disney animators demonstrated how to draw and animate Mickey Mouse. This experience made me want to be an animator when I grew up 🙂 and put me on the path to study multimedia and 3D animation, which is kinda funny cause I don’t really do any of that now!

Here’s a clip I found on How Walt Disney Cartoons Were Made

It’s so cool to see how far this process has come today and reminds me how much I love animated movies. Hmmmm… I think a movie marathon is in order 🙂