Watercolour effect in Photoshop

Playing around in Photoshop

I love the effect of watercolour but it’s been ages since I’ve played with them. Today has been a very lazy Saturday and I’ve kinda gotten distracted from my very long to do list, although it’s not been entirely unproductive 🙂 I took a time out this morning to try something that I’ve been wanting to experiment with for ages and I’m super-duper pleased with the result! Yay!

How to create Watercolour Effect in Photoshop:

The process is pretty simple – Using watercolour styled Photoshop brushes (I found some free ones on Brusheezy and BittBox) start creating your design. Play with the following layer styles and blend modes to create your watercolour effects:

  1. Under Layer > Layer Styles > Blending Options set your Fill Option to 0.
  2. Add Colour Overlay select your desired colour and play with the blend mode and opacity settings.
  3. Add Satin select your desired colour and play with the blend mode, opacity, angle, distance and size settings.


  1. Use a separate layer for each colour and /or brush stroke.
  2. Scale your brush to fit your page and use a single click to create your design.

With mother’s day just around the corner, literally tomorrow! I took the opportunity to create a free printable just for Mother’s day 🙂

Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader version 7 or higher to open the PDF. Download free software here

Watercolour effect in Photoshop.