The Makers' Hub Opening

The Makers’ Hub – A Fun Place to Work

It’s been an exciting week for craft-aholics here in Canberra. The Makers’ Hub finally opened it’s doors this week! This creative space will be the only place in Canberra with an array of creative equipment under one roof. This will include a kiln for ceramics and glass, a 3D printer, a Letterpress Printing press, sewing machines, digital cutting machines and button presses, just to name a few. All the equipment will be available to the public via membership or casual visits (Check out the website for more deets.)

The studio holds craft workshops, small business courses, design workshops and regular meetups for creative peeps. It will also be available for venue hire for events and exhibition space for local artists.

Trying hard not to squeal with excitement I counted down the days to the official launch party which was on Thursday night.

As I walked into The Makers’ Hub I was warmly greeted with an abundance of creativity and craftiness, it was hard to stop myself  from purchasing the awesome craft supplies and project kits that lined the walls or keep my paws off the delicious cupcakes!

The studio is intimate and creatively inspiring. My favourite, hands down, are all the plants strategically placed around the room (unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any pics 😦 ) But they made me feel like I was in a secret creative garden far away from city life…



Connect, Create, Learn and Grow

As the evening kicked off, Founder of Canberra Creatives, Mikaela Danvers, shared with us why she created The Makers’ Hub, not only is this wonderful space a place for the people of Canberra to connect, create, learn and grow, but it is also in honour of her sister who past away in 2005. Mikaela endeavours to live her life creatively for both of them and wants to encourage and help all of us to do the same.

I’m ecstatic to have this creative sanctuary and I love the message and the ethos of this small business. It totally looks like a fun place to work. Something very different to all the other studios I’ve worked in. I think I’ll see if they’re hiring 🙂

PS. Since writing this post Canberra Creatives in now The Makers’ Collective