Merry Xmas

Christmas Arrives at Imagination

It’s 20:30 and you realise you’re the last person on the digital floor. It’s a freezing cold and it’s started to rain… Oh, and you’ve left your brollie at home 😦 It’s too late to put a dinner order in at Gary’s (the restaurant downstairs) so your second best option is to brace the cold and leg-it to the tube station…

You trudge down the stairs feeling sorry for yourself. You say good night to all the other stragglers left in the building… It’s been a tough day!

And as you step outside you’re met with an enormous truck with a gigantic Christmas tree on the back! 😲😲😲 Yes Christmas has arrived at Imagination! Eeeeepppp!!!

Christmas at Imagination

And the Lights have gone up on the outside of the building! Yup yup it sure is starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🙂

UK - London - Store Street - Imagination Building - Christmas decorations

Oh and the rain’s stopped… It’s turning out to be a wonderful evening!


Credit: Feature Photo by Tom Rickhuss on Unsplash