Go Team

Go Team!

Ok don’t tell the rest of my team… Buuuut I fricking love Mondays! Why? Because at the start of the week we always have an impossible puzzle to solve. And this gets me super excited! EEEEP!!!

A typical Monday meeting for the Digital Resource Team here at Imagination goes a little something like this:

  • Go through upcoming projects for the teams (Automotive, Ford, Shell, Client Team)
  • Workout how many freelancers we have to find across disciplines (Designers, Developers, Animators, Producers, Editors, Other)
  • Interviews – How many are happening this week? Remind team leads about these interviews. Schedule follow ups.
  • Anticipate last minute freelance requests (usually 3-10 on a good week)
  • Discuss where we gonna seat all these people
  • Workout if we’ve got enough workstations
  • Make sure we’re not violating OHS

Monday Morning Team Meeting at Imagination
Our team of three is always running 100 miles an hour. No matter how organised we are in these meetings other things ALWAYS pop up! So plan B, C, D and E are waiting in the wings. Flexibility and communication are what makes our team work so well! And I love my team 🙂

At the moment we have 65 digital freelancers in the building. And yes we’re busting at the seams… As we ramp up to the holidays we’ll be hitting the 100 mark easy! (I kid you not!)

For an organisational geek like me solving these puzzles gets me all fired up! Don’t get me wrong there have been times where it feels impossible. But man! When a plan starts coming together…. it makes my toes curl 😉 LOL

PS. We probably should get rid of the Halloween Pumpkin

Credit: Feature Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash