Hi I'm Nicole Kerrigan

Hey there! I’m Nicole, but my friends call me Nic 🙂

I work with creative people who need to get stuff done! Typically they’re looking for admin support, process implementation, customer service or project management.

I’ve been contracting for over a decade and have helped 13 teams (and counting) streamline their production, meet their targets and deliver amazing projects.

The best compliment I could ever get is:

Nicole is a very thorough, organised and structured person who is always on the ball and works extremely well under pressure. Managing the workflow for 25 designers can be complicated at the best of times, but to make sure they are smiling as well was what made Nicole a true star.
– Miranda Simmiss

Helping people achieve their goals and creating a fun environment, like that, makes me light up with excitement and drives everything I do!

If you’re looking for an extra pair of hands to support your project. This is me putting my hand up 🙋 I’m someone who gets stuff done! Loves problem-solving and is customer-centric. No matter how big or small the project I’d love to work with you too!

I’ve got:

  • 10 years experience working in fast paced environments
  • 7 years experience working on the frontline for retail
  • Relationship building and team development experience
  • Graphic Designs & Website building skills (Adobe CC & WordPress)
  • Delivered multi-channel campaigns (Digital, Print, Outdoor)
  • Managed budgets up to $150K
  • Coordinated remote teams
  • Organisation skills that’ll make your accountant weak at the knees 😉

When I’m not supporting others achieve their goals I can be found
Saving the Planet One Stitch at a Time 🙂


And when I’m not doing that you can find me:

✈️ Planning my next adventure

🍄 Spending time with Mother Nature

📺 Binge watching shows like: South Park, Archer, Rick & Morty or American Dad


If you’re dying to know more… Here are 6 things people don’t know about me:

🌍 I’ve lived on 3 continents (Africa, Europe & Australia)

🕷️ I had pet spiders Courtney (red back) & Matilda (black house )

😆 I’m OBSESSED with Emojis

🚽 I would rather clean toilets than cook a meal*

🐹 I love animals but I’m allergic to anything with fur

🍼 I still have 2 x baby teeth


Want to learn more about working together? Email me:



Thanks for reading my story!

Enjoy prowling through my website and have an awesome day 🎉


*If I had to choose 😉